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Christine Hillis

We Love Our Team

There were several factors that influenced my decision to become a Life’s Abundance Field Representative. Some of those factors included the fact that people love

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Why Is This Better

Please take a few minutes to hear from my teammate, Michelle. Michelle took the opportunity to join Life’s Abundance when she suddenly found herself unemployed.

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No Smell Firm Poop

Please take a few minutes to hear from my teammate, Shawn. Before finding Life’s Abundance, he was feeding a budget food and having trouble with

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No More Food Bill

Please take a few minutes to hear from my teammate, Regina. She realized how simple it was to recommend Life’s Abundance and earn enough to

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Skin and Coat

Hi my name is Kelli, I breed and show Australian Shepherds and Mastiffs.  I came across Life’s Abundance dog food from a fellow breeder friend

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No More Struggle

Prior to using LA, my dogs were struggling with loose stools, hot spots, goopy eyes, and were not very energetic. They aren’t a hyper breed

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Christine Hillis

“I’ve found a great way to helps pets and make money from home.”

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